Every day information is being captured, quantified, and used to make better decisions. To ensure the quality of information, the Institute for Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IRIE) invests in the best tools for projects in our scope of work, as well as for individual clients and contract work.


Collection of a variety of data tools and reports that obtains data items from hundreds of data sets from dozens of federal and state sources, along with some commercial or private source data. These tools help identify and compare innovation levels, cluster strengths, and employment dynamics in regions across the U.S.

Example: Innovation Index Comparison


Comprehensive data tool identifying establishment, job, and sales trends based on establishment sizes. The tool provides insight into employment dynamics to show where jobs are being created.

Example: Total Regional Jobs by Establishment Size

Up & Out: Entrepreneurship Edition

A interactive research tool that is conducted in a focus group setting. This process provides communities with qualitative research on the perceptions associated with entrepreneurship. Communities will learn what resources stakeholders believe are currently in place and what resources are most needed in the future to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Business Analyst Online, ESRI

Market analysis data tool that provides detailed economic and market data based on customizable regions. This allows us to identify specific trends in various industries, identify economic strengths and weaknesses, and understand market potential for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

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