As 1 of 8 EDA University Centers in the federally designated Denver region, the Institute for Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IRIE) at Southeast Missouri State University combines research and applied strategies to support community and economic development. Staff and faculty collaborate to provide research and analysis to a wide range of projects and initiatives.


The Regional Entrepreneurship Assessment and Strategy report is a comprehensive analysis of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of rural regions across Missouri. These reports provide detailed insight and understanding of what each region’s main strengths, challenges, and opportunities are in relation to fostering a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is a new opportunity for economic developers, educational institutions, policy makers, entrepreneurial support organizations, and entrepreneurs themselves to better understand their own region. Each report provides a set of recommendations and examples of how the region can move forward and invest more strategically in their own entrepreneurs. 

Incubator Feasibility Studies

Mo-Kan Creative Accelerator: Next Generation Innovation Center 2013 Feasibility Analysis

This project's focus was to lay the foundation for developing and implementing a Next Generation Innovation Center (NGIC) in the Mo-Kan region. Phase I of the project analyzed the regional opportunities for a NGIC and provided a general outline of the business plan needed to execute the project. Phase II of the project provided a detailed breakdown of all the resources and investments needed to implement the NGIC.


Retail Trade Analysis

Retail Trade Analysis projects are performed to inform communities about their local sales, help them assess their strengths and weaknesses, and also compare their sales to other similar communities in their region. Past and current projects include both micropolitan and metropolitan areas.

Laborshed Analysis

Laborshed Analysis studies look at the availability and skills of workers within a region. This type of analysis is particularly important for communities that have employers who may want to expand or communities that want to be prepared for if they are approached by a company looking to relocate in their area. In either situation, data is key. Sophisticated data tools are used by professionals who are highly skilled in performing this type of analysis for communities the size of small towns up to medium-sized Metropolitan areas.